UEFA Champions League Review

Once again, it’s Madrid on top. Once again, it’s Ronaldo on the biggest stage. Real Madrid deserved to win today, and they did. In commanding fashion. Real Madrid became the first team to win consecutive Champions League Titles in the tournament’s history. But how did they do it? Let’s break it down.

Navas came up with a key save early, but apart from that, he wasn’t really challenged. The first half was even for the most part. A beautiful counter attack finished off by Cristiano Ronaldo put Madrid up fairly early, but Mandzukic tied it up with an excellent bicycle kick. The first half was fairly even, and if Juventus had gone up at halftime, it would’ve been fair.

The second half was a different story. Madrid came out attacking, and Juventus, content to stay back and wait. Madrid took advantage of the lackadaisical second half from the Italians, and they were efficient when it came time to finish. A Casemiro strike from distance, a Ronaldo finish in the box between two defenders, and a late goal from Marco Asensio  were the difference in the end.

Juventus weren’t themselves. They defended poorly, but it wasn’t self inflicted errors, they were errors caused from Madrid’s play. Madrid flooded the midfield, apart from the three center-miss they play with, Marcelo and Carvajal were always in the middle attacking or winning back balls. They filled the Juventus box with their players too, which forced Juventus to stay back and they weren’t able to counterattack. Marcelo was brilliant, as he almost always is. He relieves stress on the left side of the field and allows Ronaldo to play in the box and score two goals today.

Juventus we’re a great side all season long, and one bad game shouldn’t take away from what was an incredible season. They were just overmatched. Emotionally and tactically. Madrid did what they had to, and for that, they celebrate once again, and for the 12th time in their history.

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