Landing Spots for NFL’s Best Available Players

The 2018 season was one that showcased a ton of young talent and proved that experience reigns supreme. The 2019 season will showcase elite players taking their talents to new teams in hope of winning championships and dethroning the New England Patriots once and for all.

Le’Veon Bell

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Running back Le’Veon Bell’s situation this season has been an uphill battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers organization throughout the season in order to become a free agent.

The first of two Steelers on this list, Bell will be a huge signing for any team that is willing to pay him what he wants. CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora was the first to report the pending free agent’s contract demands.

The high price and a year out of football may corner Bell’s market, but teams with no solid running back depth and cap space could render his service’s worthwhile.

Potential teams: Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles

Landing spot: New York Jets

Antonio Brown

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The second of the two Steelers on this list, Brown has been placed on the trade block due to continued dysfunction within the Steelers organization.

Brown is statistically one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and will come at a high price. Any team with an experienced quarterback and a talented young core could benefit from Brown’s immense talent as long as he can control his antics.

Potential teams: Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, San Fransico 49ers

Landing spot: San Fransico 49ers

Landon Collins

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Landon Collins showed his superstar potential back in 2016 when the safety helped lead the Giants to a top-10 defense and an 11-5 record.

Now that Collins will be a free agent his talent will not be wasted and he can help lead any defense go from good to elite.  The dynamic safety from Alabama will have the chance to become the highest paid safety in the league while looking to return to his 2016 form.

Potential teams: Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Seattle Seahawks

Landing spot: Indianapolis Colts

Demarcus Lawrence

Via Sports Illustrated (ELSA/GETTY IMAGES)

Demarcus Lawrence may not be the best pass rusher in the NFL, but he is the motor that powers the Dallas Cowboys’ defense.

If Lawrence were to hit the free agency market, all 32 teams would be salivating at the mouth with the intent to sign the young star. His combination of speed and power will continue to power the Cowboys’ defense for years to come.

Prediction: Franchise tagged and signs long term with the Dallas Cowboys

Nick Foles

Via Yahoo! Sports

The prize of the NFL offseason quarterback carousel headlines a strange 2019 free agency and draft QB class.

The former Superbowl MVP is set to move on from the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason and will be highly sought after as a team willing to win now and prepare a young QB to take over for the future. Foles has the rare ability to lead a team despite the circumstances and could help lead the right team to the promise land.   

Potential teams: Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins

Landing spot: Jacksonville Jaguars

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