Can the historically bad Miami Dolphins win a game this season?

The 2019 version of the Miami Dolphins are on pace to be the worst team in NFL history. One hundred seasons’ worth of NFL history and this team might be the worst of them all.

Throughout four games this season the Dolphins have been outscored by an average of 34.2 points per game, the worst scoring margin in the NFL. The Dolphins point differential for the young 2019 season is -137 suffering blow out losses to the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots and Los Angeles Chargers at home and a road loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

While these four teams made the playoffs in 2018 the Dolphins showed absolutely no will or fight, and when the team did show a glimmer of talent they still managed to ruin Josh Rosen’s first start for the Dolphins.

Turnovers, dropped balls, poor offensive line play and lack of enthusiasm has plagued this team, but there is a slimmer of hope, possibly in the form of Alabama QB Tua Tagovaiola next year but for now, in the fact that the 2019 Dolphins can avoid becoming the third team ever to post an 0-16 record (2008 Detriot Lions and 2017 Cleveland Browns.)

There are a few games that the Dolphins will have a chance to win this season such as against the week 6 game against the 0-4 Washington Redskins in Miami, week 9 and 14 matchups versus the 0-3 New York Jets and the week 16 matchup against the 0-4 Cincinnati Bengals.

Time will tell if this Dolphins team can improve and while the three aforementioned teams, Redskins, Jets (2x) and Bengals, have all looked better than the Dolphins, but these four matchups present an opportunity to avoid becoming the first franchise in NFL history to go a season undefeated, 1972 Miami Dolphins, and winless, the current projections for the 2019 Miami Dolphins.

While it would be a sight to behold watching this Dolphins team snag a win, there is a possibility Tagovaiola becomes a superstar for the Miami Dolphins, but with the current shape of this roster winning a game and falling out of the top spot might not only improve the roster by going away from QB, but it could possibly save the bright NFL career of the Alabama QB.

The hope for all Dolphins fans is one win and the top-pick, but if the Dolphins want an even brighter future Dolphins head coach Brian Flores needs to prove that he can coach in this league and that this team can win against other NFL teams.

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